Wedding Teaser Sacred Heart Church and Hacienda La Biznaga

Apr 20, 2019 | Wedding teaser, Wedding Videos | 0 comments

Paz’s parents are Dutch but live in Spain, both she and her siblings grew up on the Costa del Sol. Roberto’s family comes from the Basque Country but they raised their children in Malaga.

The church where they said yes I want is one of the most beautiful in Malaga, the Sacred Heart Church is a beautiful neo-Gothic building from the early nineteenth century. The vision of her from Calle Compañía is impressive.

The ceremony was officiated by a former classmate of Roberto. He knew the families perfectly and that made them experience moments full of emotion. Tears were impossible to contain by almost all attendees. A prickly pear put the finishing touch at the end of the ceremony.

Hacienda La Biznaga hosted the celebration of this wedding. It is a farm located on a hill overlooking the Guadalhorce Valley. It has several rooms, both exterior and interior. The lunch was enlivened by deliveries of gifts from the couple, surprise toast from Roberto’s friends that ended in an impromptu party and the odd speech full of feeling. All these moments are perfect to make the wedding video unique.

The bride and groom danced a very special song for them. Paz’s niece gave her a performance that she knew nothing about. During the party, the live music of Encarni Navarro put the room on its feet.

It was a pleasure to meet Carlos Lancha, excellent wedding photographer from Malaga and best companion at this wedding.


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